The Transformation of Hawthorne Cafe 2013

We took over Hawthorne Cafe in February 2013, and did some major renovations to make the pre-existing cafe a family friendly hot spot within the Milton, ON community. It took a month, and was a lot of fun. 

Below are some pictures of the transformation that the cafe went through in March 2013. 

Story and Craft Time

One of the features of Hawthorne Cafe is that it is a space that welcomes everyone. . We hosts a story and craft time that is free for the children, and gives the parents the opportunity to come, relax and enjoy while the children are engaged in play. Contact us for the schedule. 

Open Mic Night

When words fail, music speaks. Our open mic nights and live music offer young and old the opportunity to perform. A great community event with a good crowd every time, it's a fun time for those whole love to perform and those who don't.