The Hawthorne Market is a special kind of market. Open during the cafe's regular business hours, the shelves of Hawthorne Cafe are filled with artisan's products handmade locally with a whole lot of love. There is great shopping with over 15 permanent vendors that cover home decor, hand-stamped jewellery, handmade soaps and personal items, art, bows and bowties, chocolates, bibs and scarves and more.

Hand to Heart Jewellery

Hand to heart jewellery offers modern, simple, beautiful hand-stamped jewellery and keepsakes. 

Hoot and Holly

Hoot and Holly makes adorable baby clothing and accessories. Essential baby gear, accessories for babies, kids and ladies. Handmade and handpicked fresh styles for your little one.

Pixel Paper Hearts

Pixel Paper Hearts is a creative design studio that makes pretty paper goods, mugs and statement apparel. 


Bows and bow ties for your little ladies and gents

Getting back to natural living

Getting back to natural living makes natural, raw beauty products for a healthier you. 


Round Trip Studios is a laser engraving and cutting company with a twist! They make permanent works of art from your child's masterpieces - handwriting, drawings, even hand and fingerprints. 

Hooked on Thursdays

Hooked on Thursdays makes 100% Wool Dryer balls. They are an eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets. They reduce drying time by 30-50%, which conserves energy (and money!).


Perfect for every Tillie woman, Tillie lifts. She hikes. She bikes. She camps. She climbs. She runs. She races. She has bad hair days. Tillie is the brand on a mission to inspire. Wear it. Live it. Love it.